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Did you know that there is a great National Geographic magazine to inspire and inform all the explorers, archaeologists, scientists, artists and astronauts of the future? National Geographic Kids is an exciting monthly read for boys and girls that makes learning fun. From wildlife to space, geography to the environment, it has all the incredible stories and dazzling images you'd expect from National Geographic, packed into bite-sized chunks. National Geographic Kids is everything an inquisitive young mind needs. Get children excited about their world and subscribe today to the South African edition!

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The gift that keeps giving all year round. Subscribe to National Geographic Kids and receive an issue in the post every month. Subscribe today for only R343 and save 30 percent. You will also get a Tower kids photo frame to decorate and an animal sticker set valued at R135 absolutely FREE!

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Dis die geskenk wat heeljaar aanhou. Teken op National Geographic Kids in en kry elke maand 'n uitgawe in die pos. Sluit vandag aan teen slegs R343 en spaar 30 persent op 'n jaar se intekening (12 uitgawes) en jy kry ook 'n GRATIS Tower kids portretraam wat jy kan versier en 'n stel diereplakkers wat R135 werd is!


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Registreer by Todlerteens en kry 35 persent afslag op ’n jaar se intekening. Dis R325 vir 12 uitgawes en daarmee saam Good Dinosaur-plakkers van R156 en ’n boekmerk!