Ten Top Tomato Facts!

1. Believe it or not, tomatoes aren't always red. They can be yellow, pink, purple, black and even white!

2. Found at Walt Disney World Resort, Florida, USA, the largest single tomato plant in the world covers an area of 56.73 metres sq. That's bigger than an Olympic size swimming pool!

3. It's thought that tomatoes originally came from Peru. 

4. Did you know Heinz Tomato Ketchup has a speed limit? If the yummy sauce pours at more than 0.028mph when it's in the Heinz Tomato Ketchup factory, it's considered too runny and rejected!

5. La Tomatina is an annual festival in Spain, where people throw 150,000 tomatoes at each other. Sounds messy!

6. The largest ever tomato on record was picked in Oklahoma, USA, in 1986. It weighed over 3.5kg – that's more than the average UK newborn baby!

7. In Ohio, USA, they love tomatoes so much that tomato juice is the official state drink!

8. There are around 10,000 varieties of tomatoes worldwide!

9. The first tomatoes in Europe may originally have been yellow. They were first referred to in writing as 'pomo d'oro', meaning 'golden apple'.

10. Tomato seedlings have been grown in space before!

Bet you didn't know that, huh?!

Photos: Tomatoes and La Tomatina / Getty Images UK 

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Those are some funny and cool facts :)
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